About CDI

Center for Development and Integration (CDI) is an independent, nonprofit and research Organization created on 2003. Main objective of this organization is to contribute in institutional and socioeconomic life and for a sustainable development of Macedonia in its regional future toward European and international integration.

CDI operates combining technical aspects through advocacy and alternative policies toward decision makers and in the same time promotes participation of all actors and stakeholders in discussions, preparations, implementations and monitoring of main policies.

This organization is mainly focused in development of socio-economic policies, local and rural development, agriculture, agro-business, and marketing development, civil society development in rural and local areas, regional, international and European integration of Macedonia.

During these years CDI has collaborated and established partnerships with different local/national and international organizations. CDI has financed and implemented many projects itself but also with other donations.

CDI’s organizational structure is indicated in the following chart:

CDI has currently 4 full-time employees. Experts, consultants and other technical project staff are hired on a need basis. Statutory pillars of the existence and operation of CDI are its mission and vision, which are as follows:


CDI’s Mission is to develop and provide programs, which will contribute to social, economic and cultural development and improvement of citizens, their communities and society as a whole.


The vision of CDI is a modern, cultural and economically prosperous society based on the principles of justice, equality, tolerance and mutual respect. Each member of the society shall be an active citizen involved in community building and improvement.

Main goals

The main statutory goals of CDI are to promote modern educational, environmental, social, economic, health and humanitarian activities in cooperation with authorities, economic entities and other non-governmental organizations in country and abroad. “stimulating the rural economy, reducing rural poverty, achieving food security and ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources”.